Brandon M. Dennis (Oxhorn)
Vital statistics
Position YouTube content creator, author
Age 37[1]
YouTube channel(s) Oxhorn Brand Movies

Nathan Allen Pinard

Place of Birth
Place of Residence Seattle, Washington, USA
Status Married
Physical attributes
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue
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Not to be confused with the character of the same name in his movies, Oxhorn
"As always. Please remember to stay classy!"
—Ox's catchphrase.
Brandon M. Dennis, commonly known by his internet alias, "Oxhorn" is an author, game commentator, former machinima artist, and popular YouTube content creator. Their original content focused on an eclectic mix of song parodies, movie commentary, and World of Warcraft gameplay. Currently, they hosts a wildly popular weekly livestream, Scotch & Smoke Rings and is at the helm of an in depth walk-through meets analytical lore series primarily focused on the Fallout franchise on YouTube channel ClassyManIAm[2]. Their channel also features games such as the Bioshock and Metro enterprises, L.A. Noire, Wolfenstein, and Rage. Oxhorn has published two books, Era One[3] in 2004, and The Tale of Cloran Hastings[4] in 2012.

Machinima Edit

Oxhorn began as a prominent figure in the early WoW community, publishing his first video on December 17, 2005, entitled, Hark! Hear the Wails!, describing it as "a short carol in World of Warcraft, with a devious twist."

Oxhorn later solidified his place in WoW's history with classics such as ROFLMAO!, The Anti-Elf Anthem, and their Inventing Swear Words series. Their videos featured memorable characters including Oxhorn, Staghorn, Associate Professor Evil, and Mortuus.[5] All of which are real characters they played within WoW.

Oxhorn briefly contributed his machinima talent to the web based company WeGame until 2011. Their last contribution to the machinima scene occured in the form of the film Into the Tin, published on July 17, 2013. WoWCrendor, the creator of the WoW based interview show Fishing with Crendor, hosted Oxhorn to discuss their time in the WoW and machinima scene, where Oxhorn professed fond memories and provided insight into their decision to shift focus to new projects.
Hark! Hear the Wails - World of Warcraft (WoW) Machinima by Oxhorn

Hark! Hear the Wails - World of Warcraft (WoW) Machinima by Oxhorn

Oxhorn's very first video.

Scotch and Smoke Rings Edit

Scotch & Smoke Rings Trailer

Scotch & Smoke Rings Trailer

Oxhorn's original trailer for the show.

In early 2010, Oxhorn began a weekly, interactive show on YouTube called Scotch and Smoke Rings, originally to speak with fans in between machinima publications. The show progressed past their work with machinima and moved from their own personal now-defunct website and to the current YouTube platform.

Over time the livestream evolved to include interactive chat on standalone platforms such as Discord and Twitch and featured a short-lived foray into incorporating moderators to manage the large volume of viewer questions. The show currently steams live each week on YouTube, Thursdays at 7:00 PM Pacific time. At times, Oxhorn creates spur of the moment live streams, generally to discuss timely news or updates relating to the channel.

Present Edit

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Through his YouTube channel, Oxhorn describes his goal as to, "focus on retelling the franchise lore with my own narrative style"[6] and features expansive and thorough walk through, analytical based, story telling videos primarily on the Fallout franchise, including Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. The channel previously advertised published videos seven days per week, occurring at 9:00 AM Pacific time. The content schedule changed in late 2017 to six days per week, and then again in early 2018 to advertise "many" videos per week, accounting for the longer lead time required to create more detailed and all-encompassing content.

For monetization, the livestream includes YouTube-supported sponsorships, or channel memberships, allowing viewers to purchase public badges, emojis, and access to creator perks. Viewers may also give one-time payments in the form of tips. Oxhorn simultaneously created a Patreon page of which entitles those who make monthly contributions extra perks. Notably, those who contribute more than $100 USD per month are featured in the end credits of his published content, in order of date contributions began. The channel also features an online shop offering content-themed clothing and accessories.

On September 4, 2018, Oxhorn's channel hit the milestone of one million subscribers[7], which was commemorated with a special live stream to thank their fans and provide insight into the future of the channel's content.

Memorable Quotes Edit


Oxhorn's latest venue to host Scotch and Smoke Rings.

  • "Welcome one and everyone to this week's episode of Scotch and Smoke Rings! I am your neighborhood friendly Oxhorn, as always, with my suspenders set to maximum stun." [8] - Oxhorn starts off an episode of the show.
  • "A bot is only as intelligent as it's programmer, and since this bot's programmer was me, there's a lot of room for improvement."[9] - Oxhorn explaining chat bot on Twitch.
  • "Cheers ladies and gentleman! Bottoms up."[10] - Oxhorn before enjoying some scotch.
  • "We all work, and many of us have spouses and children. Family is a man’s number one priority, and in order to provide, one must work."[11] - Oxhorn explains departure from machinima content creation
  • "I feel the white light of time, as it flickers by. When I'm unplugged I'm just a guy... who's life ain't like the game!" - Oxhorn in Like the Game.
300 - Scotch & Smoke Rings

300 - Scotch & Smoke Rings

The 300th Episode Special of Scotch and Smoke Rings.

  • "Greg! You made quick work of me. I'm impressed. I'm not even mad."[12] - Oxhorn after a game of Hearthstone with Gregero Fedoro.
  • "You know that song, Bananaphone? Well if a banana could be a phone. I'm sure a turtle shell could be a phone. There's gotta be some kinda logic in there." - Oxhorn tries to explain a live call from Hat the Singing Turtle.
  • "A poor mechanic blames his tools my friend, a poor mechanic. Just sayin'." [13] - Oxhorn jokingly gives Greg Hartung a hard time.
  • "I'm not wearing a hat. Oh what, this? This is my hair. This is what I spontaneously grow. From the nose down I grow beard, I grow majesty. From the nose up I grow... derby. Just another unique attribute of my set bonus." - Oxhorn when asked by a fan to remove their iconic hat.

Trivia Edit

  • He formerly played World of Warcraft on the Silver Hand US server.
  • One of his favorite brands of scotch is Scoresby.[14]
  • A recurring theme in his WoW movies was mocking the prettier races of Warcraft, namely elves and Pandaren. Videos with this theme include The Panda Exterminator and The Anti-Elf Anthem.
  • Oxhorn is a fan of the band Queen.[15]
  • Oxhorn finds ogres would be a fitting addition to the Horde.[16]
  • One of his favorite Warcraft characters is Cairne Bloodhoof.
  • He studied Scandinavia in college and knows a bit of Swedish. His poor Swedish is highlighted in An Oxhorn Brand Medley. [17]
  • Oxhorn's role in the early WoW machinima community have earned him severals references in the game, including items and NPCs inspired by his movies.[18]
  • He grew up in a small Alaskan fishing town. He currently resides in Washington state.
  • Oxhorn plays the pennywhistle and will often play a few tunes on the show at the fan's request.
  • He has authored two novels. The first being The Tale of Cloran Hastings, and the other being a compilation of his earlier works, Era One.
  • His favourite toys to play with a child was G.I. Joe and Lego.
  • He has never put any of his real money into Hearthstone, although fans have donated money for that purpose.
  • It would seem Oxhorn is a fan of metal.[19]
  • Oxhorn losing a game of Hearthstone has been dubbed "Pulling an Oxhorn" in parody of the similar adage of "Pulling a Hartung"
  • He was a fan of X-Men: The Animated Series in his youth. With Gambit being a personal favorite.[20]
  • He has fond memories of Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade, but he enjoyed and played Wrath of the Lich King the most.
  • He has stated the Nordic atmosphere of Northrend helped contribute to his love of the expansion.

He has in the past identified as a Conservative Christian.On his Forum the Brandon M. Dennis Community Forum he has offered to send a free bible to anyone who asks on the condition that they read it. He has talked about various topics including views on sexuality and marriage, the topic of hell,perceived issues on the morality of homosexuality. Quote:

Here's the way I figure it. If a fellow wants to go and bloit someone of his own gender, whatever. I could care less. As long as he keeps it to the bedroom and doesn’t come to schools preaching the homosexual message and marching down the street waving rainbow banners, I’m cool. Homosexuality, more than anything else, is an act, a deed, and people should be free to do this deed if they so choose in the privacy of their own homes (for I strongly believe that America should never become a theocracy). That said, I can still believe that the act of homosexuality is morally wrong. I'm not going to go banging on someone’s door and tell them that they are going to burn in hell. But if homosexuals bring their sexuality into the public forum they had better expect those who object to the act on moral grounds to express their beliefs. If homosexuals are free to tout their homosexuality above their heads then the rest of society is free to object to it. [21]

He is a supporter of the idea of a hell. Quote: 

I would argue that it would be an unfair and unjust world if Hell did not exist. I would argue that there would be no God, and that if there was a god, he would not be a good god, if Hell did not exist. [22]

  • Oxhorn entertains the fans with some classy tunes.
  • Oxhorn partakes in a nice gentlemanly cigar.
  • Oxhorn with Nathan Allen Pinard.
  • Oxhorn at Blizzcon 2011 with Jesse Cox, Ian Beckman and Clint Hackleman.
  • A classy evening with Scotch and Smoke Rings.
  • Oxhorn nearly pulls a Hartung in a game of Hearthstone.


References Edit

  9. Episode 308; 32 minutes, 57 seconds.