Hordeshop small
"Stay away from the crooked elves, they look like women and they smell like hell!"
—From The Anti-Elf Anthem

Ever since he was a child, people have told Oxhorn that he has a melodious singing voice. It really doesn’t come out much when he speaks. In fact, he actually sounds kinda gruff. But when he sings, only Mort can equal him in that certain sort of buttery quality so cherished in tenors.

One day Oxhorn decided to form a quartet. He went to Mortuus, but Mort was busy flirting with Lacy, so he declined. He then went to Staghorn, and they actually had a few practice sessions before Ox realized that Stag’s voice was as melodious as a ten-ton walrus in heat. He then went to Mister Evil who just grunted in exacerbation and yelled, “Get the grat out of here!”.

Just when Ox was feeling like his quartet would never form, he chanced upon a three beggars in Orgrimmar who were singing for gold. The begging was, of course, abhorrent, but instead of lecturing them he decided to propose his quartet scheme. The three level-headed hordeys agreed, and thus The Hordeshop Quartet was formed. They tour all around Azeroth, singing their elf-hatred to sold-out crowds.

Movie Appearances

  • The Anti-Elf Anthem
  • Oxhorn Christmas Special
  • An Oxhorn Brand Medley


  • Oxhorn is the only member whose name is known.
  • The unidentified members represent all the other Horde races at the time.